(the Resident’s name has been changed to protect her identity)

Brenda wanted to start to find employment, keen to overcome barriers that have been in place throughout her adult working life.

Jobcentre Plus sent Brenda to Gorleston Library Job Club, where she met Catherine a Community Connector. Catherine introduced Brenda to Donna, a Skills Connector. Brenda enrolled on to a basic English course at the Shrublands Centre, hoping to improve her literacy so she could more easily look for a job and apply for jobs online.

Brenda was sanctioned by Jobcentre Plus for four weeks, at which point she was introduced to Nancy, a Life Connector, who arranged for a food parcel. Donna went with her to collect it.

Brenda regularly attended weekly jobsearch appointments and her English class. She was proud of the work she was doing in the English class and keen to show it to Donna, the Skills Connector and other members of the team in the MESH Neighbourhood Centre.

After a few weeks some issues within Brenda’s personal life consumed her attention and she was unable to attend her appointments or English class. Unfortunately she felt unable to speak with Donna the Skills Connector at that time.

Brenda was able to overcome this setback and eventually returned to the job club to see Donna, the Skills Connector, hoping to return to her jobsearch appointments and her studies. Due to the break in attending jobsearch appointments Brenda was at risk of being sanctioned again, this time for a longer period. Brenda still finds it difficult to attend every appointment, she still wants to move towards employment but her personal circumstances can make progress difficult. However, Brenda now knows that she can count on the support of the connectors at MESH when she needs it.

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